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Solar lift stations


Solar Drainage Pump

3HP DPC3500

3HP Solar Lift Station

North Bend, Nebraska

This 3HP Solar Lift Station is removing about 400gpm from an 80 acre tiled field. 16 solar panels, 370W each, provide power to the DPC3500 drainage pump controller which runs a 3HP dewatering pump.

Drainage pump, solar lift station

Holton, Michigan

This solar lift station is pumping subsurface drainage water from 10 acres. The pump is 1HP and produces 150-170gpm. 7 x 385W solar panels were used on this project to provide power to a DPC2000 pump controller.

michigan solar pumps

Holton, Michigan

This system is pumping water from an underground tank which collects subsurface drainage water from about 20 acres of tiled field. The pump capacity is 200gpm and with 2000 watts of solar it can run around 10 hours per day.

solar lift stations

Rothbury, Michigan

This 2600W solar system is powering a 1HP Goulds submersible pump which moves about 170gpm from this 20 acre site.

solar lift station

Newaygo, Michigan

This Sun Pumps DC 3" pump moves about 200gpm of water from 15 acres of tiled field.

solar water pumps

White Cloud, Michigan

This Lorentz DC 3" pump is providing about 200gpm flow from 15 acres of tiled ground.

Salem, Indiana

This pump station utilizes a PicoCell 2000 pump controller, AC Backup controller, and 1HP, 230V 3 phase Ebara pump. Capacity is around 150gpm/50,000+ gallons per day.

Fremont, Michigan

This 2000W solar pump station is pumping along on a foggy, cloudy day. Under sunnier conditions, the pump can produce over 200gpm flow from this 30+ acre tiled field. A second pump system is likely to be added to this field since it is currently undersized. 

solar drainage pump

Holton, Michigan

Here a DC Sun Pumps 3" pump is moving 200+gpm from about 20 acres of tiled farmland. 

Portland, Michigan

This solar water pumping system is lifting water from a low muck area into a county drain. The system produces about 170gpm flow.